Clinical Trials

Asklepion Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving patients’ lives by identifying, developing and commercializing medicines which address unmet medical needs.

Below is a listing of resources related to the medical conditions Asklepion Pharmaceuticals is committed to serving, as well as additional resources patients and caregivers can access to learn more about investigational medicines.

Acute Lung Injury induced by Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Cardiopulmonary bypass is usually necessary for congenital heart repair surgery, but it is associated with potentially serious complications that can follow surgery. All organ systems are affected by cardiopulmonary bypass – one frequent and significant complication is acute lung injury. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, shallow respirations, inability to cough properly, and low levels of oxygen in the blood. The complications of cardiopulmonary bypass can be difficult to treat. Even with mechanical ventilation, it is sometimes difficult to maintain proper oxygen levels. Current interventions focus on treating these serious complications once the patient displays symptoms post-surgery. Asklepion has an investigational medicine which is under study to determine if it prevents or lessens the severity of problems resulting from cardiopulmonary bypass -induced acute lung injury. [ Learn More ]

The following are resources which caregivers and patients may find useful regarding investigational medicines:

Seattle Children’s Hospital

“At Seattle Children’s, our researchers want to improve care and the quality of life for children now and in the future. To do this, we need help from the most important specialists of kids’ health – your child and family”.

Watch both pediatric patients and their parents/caregivers discuss the importance of pediatric research, and involvement of families, in the video created by Seattle Children’s Hospital. Visit their website for additional information on pediatric clinical research.

Children and Clinical Studies

The National Institute of Health details topics such as the importance of children in clinical studies, participation considerations, how to get started, and things to know once your child is enrolled in a study.

Learn About Why Clinical Research Is Important

The U.S. National Institutes of Health provides basic information on clinical trials, including a list of questions that parents should ask when considering enrolling their child into a clinical trial.

The Drug Development Process

The US Food and Drug Administration outlines the various steps of the drug development process.

Clinical Research

The US Food and Drug Administration describes the ‘Clinical Research’ step of the drug development process, which is where clinical trials occur.